Broccoli and Peppers

My Dad didn’t like vegetables. I’d try to get him to eat a salad and he’d say, “I’m 86-years-old! I’ve made it this far without eating that shit, and I ain’t startin’ now!”

He wasn’t a warm and fuzzy guy. He’d give it to you straight, right between the eyes. But when I put this sauce over pasta, he liked it, even though it’s vegan. If I had told him it was vegan, he would have dope-slapped me on the back of the head.

This sauce is easy, quick, and delizioso. You can serve it as an appetizer with crusty bread, put it over rice or pizza, or make it with pasta, like I did for my grumpy pops.


4 tablespoons olive oil

6 cloves of garlic, sliced thin, about 2 tablespoons

Crushed red pepper (I start with a ¼ teaspoon)

¼ dry white wine (be generous, Slim People!)

1 orange bell pepper, seeds and stems removed, chopped

1 red bell pepper the same way

1 yellow bell pepper the same way

4 cups broccoli florets

¾ cup vegetable broth (or chicken broth)


Get a large sauté pan, put it over medium heat.

Add the olive oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper, and cook for a few minutes until the garlic is pale gold.

Add the white wine, turn up the heat, cook for a minute or two.

Reduce the heat to medium.

Add the bell peppers, cook for 5 minutes, or until semi-soft. Stir a couple times.

Add the broccoli.

Add the vegetable broth, turn the heat to high until it starts to bubble.

Turn the heat back down to medium.

Cook for 5 or 6 minutes, or until the broccoli is done to your liking.

Taste for salt and pepper and adjust.