Month: March 2016

Slim Man Cooks Baked Salmon with Pesto

Most women I know love salmon. I once went out with a woman who ate so much salmon, she started developing small gills behind her ears.   Most women I know prefer to have things baked or broiled, rather than fried or sautéed. That’s OK. I’m a big admirer of women folk. I like to keep them happy. The world seems to work best that way. So if there are Lady People involved when I’m...

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Slim Man Cooks Croutons

Click on the pic to see the YouTube video Slim Man Cooks Croutons I know what you’re saying, Slim People. “I start making my own croutons, and pretty soon I’m making my own refrigerator. Where does it end?” Right here. These croutons take 5 minutes to make. That’s it. And they’re so good, you can eat them as is. Forget the salad. Eat the croutons! I don’t like store-bought croutons. They taste like chalk, and...

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