Month: September 2017

Slim Man Cooks Slim’s Manly Balls of Salmon

I’ve promised myself to stay positive. So, instead of saying I’m sick of salmon, I’m gonna say…I’m glad I have teeth so I can eat. But I’m getting sick of salmon. That’s all the women folks want to eat these days. So…what’s a Man to do with all that leftover salmon? Make salmon balls! They’re Manly! They make a great appetizer, you can put a bunch of ‘em on a plate and call them an...

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Slim’s Manly Aioli Sauce

I was trying to come up with a catchy name for this sauce. At first I was thinking…Slim’s Special Maytard Sauce. But it didn’t have that ring and zing I was looking for. Whatever you call it, this sauce is quick and easy and delizioso. And it’s manly—strong and brave, but not as hairy and stubborn. It’s basically an aioli sauce; the word is hard to pronounce…ah-ee-OH-lee, but the aioli sauces are some of my...

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Slim Man Cooks Another Tomato Sauce

When I first started making tomato sauce, I minced the garlic. Then, one night, a Lady People friend of mine didn’t want minced garlic, she wanted sliced garlic, so that’s what I started doing. Then, I was making a tomato sauce for some meatballs for a restaurant in Palm Springs, Californy, where I was singing, and I thought it might be mo’ better if I used whole smashed cloves, so people could remove them more...

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Slim Man Cooks Macadamia and Panko Crusted Halibut

Slim Man Cooks Macadamia and Panko Crusted Halibut Some friends asked me to dogsit while they were at a wedding in Hawaii. The house was in Carslbad, and there was a fish market nearby, and they had the freshest halibut in the known universe. Every morning, the fishermen would bring it in. She was a-so nice! The fish was so fresh one of them pinched me on the buttcheek as I passed by. When my...

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Slim Man Cooks Halibut Marsala

Slim Man Cooks Halibut Marsala Cooking can be a challenge sometimes. Not necessarily the cooking itself, it’s the people you’re cooking for! This one doesn’t eat dairy, that one doesn’t eat chicken, the other one doesn’t eat onions, another one doesn’t eat anything that had a mother…what’s a man to do? Well, I had some halibut, it was fresh and wild and caught that morning. I got it at the local fish store in Carlsbad,...

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