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It’s a cookbook.
It’s a memoir.
It’s funny.

30 Delectable Dishes
30 Stellar Stories
30 Cooking Videos

One Slimsational



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The new cookbook is finally here!

We’re talkin’ Slim Man Cooks Volume 2!

This Slimsational cookbook includes 30 ravishing recipes, a wide variety of dishes that Mr. Man has created. Some are Italian, some are American, all are delizioso!

Each recipe starts with a hopefully humorous story, anecdotes about Growing Up Slim in Baltimore, the highs and lows of show biz, and the crazy cast of characters along the way.

It’s hardcover and laminated, so you can drop a meatball on it, and it won’t stain the cover!

It has a lay-flat binding, which means you can open it to any page and it lays flat. We’re proud of that!

And the photos, the glorious photos. There are lots and lots. Old and new.

Gorgeous photos of food and family and friends, all presented on beautiful, sturdy photo paper on every page!

Each recipe has a QR code. Scan it and watch Slim Man show you how to cook that dish. The videos are quick, funny, and hopefully helpful!

All the videos are on their own website. When you buy the cookbook, we give you the secret website address, and you can access all 30 (actually 32!) cooking videos in one place, whenever you want, wherever you are.

And FREE USPS Priority shipping is included. If you want it signed, just give us a name!

And finally, we donate a dollar to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, for every book sold!