Month: January 2016

Slim Man Cooks 2

Check out the book Slim Man—singer, writer, cook, jolly good fellow—has created the world’s first serenading cookbook.  It features 52 ravishing recipes, 52 stellar stories and 16 sensational Slim Man songs.  Also included…links to more than 40 cooking videos. There are lots of Italian dishes here, all with a Slim twist. Check out the book...

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Slim Man Cooks Caesar Salad Dressing

This salad dressing was Julius Caesar’s favorite. Right before he gathered the Roman army to go out on a conquest, he’d have a nice salad. It put him in the mood for pillaging and plundering. As a matter of fact, when Caesar was assassinated by Brutus, as Caesar lay there dying, Brutus mentioned to Caesar that his breath smelled like garlic. Brutus asked, “Did you just have one of your salads?” And Caesar said, “I...

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