Author: Slim Man

Slim Man Cooks Primavera Sauce

Cooking these days can be a pain in the ass. I’ll tell you why… This weekend, there were some folks visiting the Slim Shack. People came in from around the globe to pay respects to my friend, Abe, who passed away recently. He was a colonel in the Army, and one of the good guys. He was well-read, kept himself in great shape, was thoughtful and generous and kind and strong and had a sense...

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Slim Man Cooks Portobello Caps with Gorgonzola and Walnuts

  Click on the pic to see the YouTube video I took a walk yesterday at the Empire Polo Club. It’s real close to the Slim Shack, outside of Palm Springs, Californy. The Empire is where they have music festivals…Coachella, StageCoach, Desert Trip.  But in January through March, they have polo matches. I thought it might be a little too hoighty-toighty for me, so I stayed away. I never wanted to go to a club...

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Slim Man Cooks Halibut with Peppadew, Olives, and Garlic

My Dad—I called him Paps—used to say my music was like ginger ale. “It’s not for everybody.” I get it, I understood what he was saying. You’ve got Coke. You’ve got Pepsi. They’re the Big Two, people drink billions of bottles a day. Both are extremely popular. And then you have ginger ale. That’s me. This recipe is like ginger ale, it’s really good and a nice change of pace, but it might not be...

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Slim Man Cooks Kickin’ Greco-Italian Chicken

There has been a long-standing feud between the Italians and the Greeks. It’s not a fist-fighting gun slinging kinda feud, just a little rift going on. The Italians think they were the cradle of civilization. The Greeks claim the same. There’s a joke that kinda sums it up… A Greek and an Italian are sitting in a café, arguing about which culture was more cultured. The Greek says, “We built the Acropolis!” The Italian says,...

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Slim Man Cooks Quick Hot Italian Sausage Bolognese Sauce

I’ve been on a Bolognese kick lately. I wanted to make a Bolognese sauce last night, but I didn’t want to wait 3 weeks while the sauce simmered. So I simplified it, and made it mo’ quicker. It took 47 minutes, start to finish. But who’s counting? Here is my latest feat of time-saving culinary cleverosity… INGREDIENTS 1 twenty-eight-ounce can Italian tomatoes 4 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons minced garlic Crushed red pepper to taste...

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