Author: Slim Man

Slim Man Cooks Salmon with Leeks

Once again, I was faced with the dilemma…how can I prepare salmon in a new way? Lady Peoples, they love salmon. I once went out with a girl who ate salmon so often, grizzly bears tried to attack her when we went to the zoo. Trying to find a new way of cooking salmon can be a challenge. I’ve baked it, seared it, broiled it, grilled it, poached it…I was running out of ways to...

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Slim Man Cooks Shrimp Marinara

click on the pic to see the YouTube video My Dad, as he got older, started eating the same thing every day. He was a poet and philosopher, so whatever he did with his life was intentional. He used to implore me to lead an examined life, to be aware of what you’re doing with this precious time on the planet. He ate 5 or 6 biscotti with a cup of tea every morning, he...

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Slim Man Cooks Risotto with Chicken and Mushrooms

I’ve never had fresh porcini mushrooms. I get them dried, and they have to be reconstituted. I soak them in water for 30 minutes to an hour. Porcini mushrooms are sometimes gritty. When you drain the water, pour it through a paper towel to get rid of the grit. Adding the porcini water to the chicken broth is so delizioso, so make sure it ain’t gritty. Also, make sure you rinse the mushrooms. Chicken thighs…I’m...

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Slim Man Cooks Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil

The most popular thing to eat in the USA? Well, the most popular thing to eat is a sandwich. And you can see why…a couple pieces of bread, a few slices of meat and cheese, maybe some lettuce and tomato and you’re done in 5 minutes. But the most popular food we eat here in good ol’ America? Chicken. Chicken! There’s a lot of it, it ain’t expensive, and it’s available almost everywhere. The other...

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Slim Man Cooks Blood Orange Chicken Without a Lot of Thyme

  So, there I was. Sitting in the Slim Shack, thinking about my Dad. Towards the end of his life, he ate the same thing just about every day. He started out with a cup of tea. Red Rose or Lipton. Then he’d have some biscotti. For lunch, a sandwich, and for dinner, pasta with tomato sauce. He was happy. He just didn’t want to try anything new. “I ain’t eatin’ that shit!” is what...

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