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Slim Man Cooks Pasta Carbonara

Click on the pic to see the YouTube video Pasta Carbonara You can only eat pasta carbonara a couple times a year.  Any more than that and you’ll have to walk around with a defibrillator duct-taped to your chest.  It’s a heart-stoppin’, artery-poppin’ dish that might kill ya. It’s one of my favorites. This is my own version.  I added white wine, which gives it a little kick.  But if you’re having it for breakfast—it...

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Slim Man Cooks Poached Salmon

Poached Salmon Recipe I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times…Lady People love salmon. I once went out with a woman who ate salmon so often that she started growing gills. The real challenge when cooking salmon for a bundle of femininity is to find new, creative, and healthy recipes. I’ve baked salmon, broiled salmon, sautéed salmon, blackened salmon, made salmon cakes, made pasta with salmon…but I never poached a salmon. But when...

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Slim Man Cooks the Best Fish Cakes

I had some concerts in Baltimore, Maryland, a few weeks ago. I did the shows, they were great, and I decided to hang out for a few days and visit some family and friends in the mental hospital. The last night of my trip, I sang the national anthem for the Baltimore Orioles; it was such an honor. And the Orioles beat the Pittsburgh Pirates that night in 11 innings! The next morning, at the...

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Slim Man Cooks Fried Calamari with a Baltimore Twist

Click on the pic to see the YouTube video  Slim Man Cooks Fried Calamari with a Baltimore Twist   I’d never cooked fried calamari before. I order it in restaurants all the time. I figured, why bother make it at home? I’ll tell you why…it’s really good when you make it yourself—especially my SlimTastic recipe! It’s a lot less greasy, too. Those deep fryers in restaurants are…funky. And this dish is really quick. I...

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Slim Man Cooks Pasta with Lemon and Limoncello

I love lemons. Every morning for as long as I can remember—which ain’t long—I take a lemon, cut it in half, squeeze half into a large glass, fill it with water and chug it.Then I take the other half-lemon and do it all again. Seriously. Two huge glasses of fresh lemon water every morning. Sure, I have to carry a Porta-Potty with me wherever I go for the next hour, but I do lemon water...

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