Author: Slim Man

Slim Man Cooks Broccoli and Peppers

Broccoli and Peppers My Dad didn’t like vegetables. I’d try to get him to eat a salad and he’d say, “I’m 86-years-old! I’ve made it this far without eating that shit, and I ain’t startin’ now!” He wasn’t a warm and fuzzy guy. He’d give it to you straight, right between the eyes. But when I put this sauce over pasta, he liked it, even though it’s vegan. If I had told him it was...

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Slim Man Cooks Italian Turkey Meatballs

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2017 is to get out more often. You Slim Folks may find this hard to believe but I don’t go out very much at all. But when my friend, The Wiz, called on New Year’s Day and asked me to come over, I said yes. It’s time for a change, SlimNation! I played a party for the Wiz about 15 years ago. It was a big birthday fiesta,...

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Slim Man Cooks a Wedgie Salad with Roquefort Dressing

My Mom used to make a wedge salad for us knuckleheads. She made her own Russian dressing. It was so good! But Selma Krapoff, our head of Slim Merchandise here at the Slim Shack, doesn’t like Russian dressing. So when I decided to create the Slim Wedgie, I made a Roquefort dressing. You don’t want to piss off Selma! She scares me. You don’t see Roquefort dressings much anymore. There’s probably a reason for that....

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Slim Man Cooks Italian Sausage Bolognese

I was going to see my friend Marc Antoine for his birthday. I know he loves Bolognese sauce, but I didn’t have 3 hours to cook it. So I came up with a recipe that didn’t take as much time. This recipe only takes 1 hour instead of 3! I cut down on the red wine, I used less tomatoes, and I cooked the vegetables for less time at a higher heat. Wow. It was...

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Chicken and Eggplant Parmigiano

Chicken Eggplant Parmigiano Women have helped me be more creative with my cooking. Not so much with the recipes, but with their peculiarities. For instance, Selma Krapoff, our Head of Slim Merch, is on a new kick. She wants protein with every meal. And nothing can be fried. Not even sautéed. So when I had a craving for eggplant Parmigiano, I had to get creative. I didn’t want to cook two dishes. I racked my...

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