Author: Slim Man

Slim Man Cooks the Best Fish Cakes

I had some leftover halibut. The night before, I had broiled the halibut with my incredibly edible salmoriglio sauce, a very quick and simple and easy Sicilian sauce for baked, seared, or grilled fish. Salmoriglio sauce is made with lemon, moscato (sweet) white wine, garlic, parsley, and oregano.   Leftover broiled halibut. What to do? Leftover fish ain’t my favorite thing in the world. Then I remembered one time I was up at my dad’s...

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Slim Man Cooks Fried Calamari with a Baltimore Twist

Click on the pic to see the YouTube video  Slim Man Cooks Fried Calamari with a Baltimore Twist   I’d never cooked fried calamari before. I order it in restaurants all the time. I figured, why bother make it at home? I’ll tell you why…it’s really good when you make it yourself—especially my SlimTastic recipe! It’s a lot less greasy, too. Those deep fryers in restaurants are…funky. And this dish is really quick. I...

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Slim Man Cooks Pasta with Lemon and Limoncello

I love lemons. Every morning for as long as I can remember—which ain’t long—I take a lemon, cut it in half, squeeze half into a large glass, fill it with water and chug it.Then I take the other half-lemon and do it all again. Seriously. Two huge glasses of fresh lemon water every morning. Sure, I have to carry a Porta-Potty with me wherever I go for the next hour, but I do lemon water...

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Slim Man Cooks Shrimp with Pesto

A few years ago, I did a little something for the Food Network. They had a series called “Calling All Cooks” and I reached out to them. I was surprised when they called me back and told me they wanted to do a show featuring some of my recipes. One of the recipes the Food Network chose was my grandmother Angela’s signature dish, pasta piselli, which is pasta with a sauce of peas, cauliflower, tomatoes,...

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Slim Man Cooks Minestrone

Click on the pic to see the YouTube video Minestrone I made this soup last night.  It was the best I ever made, if I may say so myself. A couple things… Italians don’t use a lot of corn.  I put some in this recipe.  Why?  Because it tastes real good.  I like the texture, too.  And the color it adds. Pancetta is Italian bacon.  If you are a vegetarian, you can skip the pancetta. ...

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